Energy Active Oil


Feel Energized - Active Essential Oil

Feel more energetic, naturally with this Italian blend of organic essential oils that support naturally high energy from morning to night.

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Focus Active Oil


Focus and Concentration Active Essential Oil

Italian inspired organic blend that helps you stay focused and promotes mental clarity.

Focus Active Oil


Organic Sleep Active Essential Oil

This relaxing and super-soothing organic essential oil blend will help support a restful and much-deserved sleep, naturally.

Focus Active Oil


Active Essential Oil - Naturally Supports Craving & Appetite Control

Organic essential oil blend that helps your body to resist temptation and naturally supports appetite control while boosting your mood.

Focus Active Oil


Reduces Tension & Stress-Induced Headache Active Essential Oil

Reparative, re-booting, organic essential oil blend that kicks relentless headaches to the curb.

Discomfort Active Oil


Discomfort Active Essential Oil

Contains anti-inflammatory properties for increased muscle mobility and on-the-spot relief from everyday aches and pains in less than 8 minutes.

Immune Active Oil


Support Your Body's Natural Defense

Helps you to naturally support optimum health and wellness.

Immune Active Oil


Naturally Supports Mental Energy

Discover your cognitive power with the support of this organic essential oil blend.

Happy Active Oil


Happy Boosting Active Essential Oil

An organic, mood-boosting blend that helps to naturally promote stress relief, calm anxiety and increase the feeling of happiness.

Active Oil


Breathe Tranquility and Serenity

Tame tension and nix nerves, while stimulating a "scents" of inner peace, solace, and emotional stability.

Active Oil

Libido For Women

Natural Libido-Supporting Active Essential Oil

Boost bedroom bliss with this exciting blend and say goodbye to "between-the-sheets" boredom once and for all.

Active Oil

Libido For Men

Natural Libido-Supporting Active Essential Oil

Get the feeling of total lift off again with this proprietary trade secret male libido-supporting blend.

Attraction Active Oil


Pheromones Active Essential Oil

This must-have essential oil blend is the sexy secret to naturally-occurring personal pheromones for lust, and love in your life.

Active Oil


Kick those nasty butts to the curb

Feel relaxed, and discerningly distracted from smokers cravings.

Active Oil


Before-Bed Organic Essential Oil Blend

This blend will relax your body and naturally promote smooth air passage ways for better breathing, while supporting a long-awaited, silent sleep.

Active Oil


Breathe easy

Clear the way to restored, refreshed, and renewed respiratory health and overall vitality.

Active Oil

Hot Flashes

Offers a Natural Soothing, Cooling, and Calming Effect

Put hot flashes on ice with this gentle blend of organic essential oils that offers a refreshing, cooling effect, right when you need it.

Active Oil


Breathe better

Sinus-safe, and chemical-free allergy aromatic therapy.

Our Promise

Our organic essential oils are from the USA and Italy. Unlike many of our competitors, we DO NOT dilute any of our blends with carrier oils so you can use them with the confidence of knowing you are getting the full benefit and RESULTS of each blend. Verona Active Oils uses only pure, organic essential oils blended with the same precision and expertise, handed down through generations in Verona, Italy.

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