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Focus and Concentration Active Essential Oil

Italian inspired organic blend that helps you stay focused and promotes mental clarity.

This Italian inspired, active organic blend helps your mind stay focused and promotes mental clarity.

On the verge of an imminent midday mental meltdown? In eight minutes, this brain-boosting organic essential oil blend will dramatically energize, ignite, and activate laser-sharp concentration, while inspiring your creativity and enhancing cognitive function. You'll attain and sustain increased mental clarity, judgment, and ingenuity for a more productive and smooth-sailing day (or night).

Stay organized and focused with this top selling organic essential oil blend!

    • Paraben-Free
    • Cruelty-Free
    • Organic
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    • Price: $29.95
    • Autoship: $26.95

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Pure Organic Essential Oils

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Customer Reviews

I've always had a difficult time staying focused and getting things done without being distracted, especially in busy environments. This has really helped me to stay dialed in and on my A-game! Oct 26/16

My friend recommended this and while I wasn't really sure if it would work, I decided to give it a try. The concentration and mental clarity I get is absolutely amazing! Dec 7/16

Super results and it lasts a long time so it's a great value! I'm a satisfied, repeat customer. Dec 26/16

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