The Verona Promise

Our organic essential oils are from the USA and Italy. As a global leader in essential oils, we are committed to bringing you the safest, purest, and most effective oils blends so you and your loved ones can experience the full health and wellness benefits of organic essential oils.

Our process begins with the seed as our hand-selected farms carefully nurture each and every plant that will ultimately be used to create nature’s best essential oils and deliver them straight to your family.

Our Purity Process

Our rigorous quality assurance process is our commitment and strict promise to you that each and every Verona oil blend has been extensively tested so you can use it with confidence, knowing that you will get the best possible results.

Our unique approach to purity sets us apart from others in the industry because we directly oversee every step in the production process from seed selection, to blending, bottling, and delivery.

Purity Testing

One of the most important steps in producing high quality, organic essential oils is to verify the purity of each oil that goes into the blend. Oils that don’t meet our demanding purity criteria could contain germs, contaminants, or added fillers that may reduce the effectiveness or the oil or even risk harmful side effects. Our standards involve certifying each oil with our patent-pending Verona Active Oils seal before it enters our supply chain. These tests are applied to every batch of oils to verify that they meet our standards and ensure their potency. Certified pure oils will have a longer shelf life and stay fresher than their lower quality counterparts.

Each of our oils undergoes the following tests:

  • Organoleptic testing – checks for invisible pathogens
  • Microbial testing – quality control testing for the presence of bacteria, yeast, or mold
  • Skin sensitivity testing – confirms blends are free from potential irritants
  • Gas chromatography testing – used to verify purity
  • Mass spectrometry testing - offers precise quantitative elemental analysis
  • Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy – precision identification of a sample based on IR light absorption
  • Chirality testing – verifies that no synthetic constituents are present in a sample
  • Isotopic analysis – identifies the isotopic signature of a compound
  • Heavy metal testing – tests for the presence of potentially dangerous heavy metal residue

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